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The Cardiology Department at Clemenceau Medical Center Dubai has a dedicated floor designed to ensure you receive expert care from the best cardiologists in Dubai.  Everything you need from a Dubai Cardiologist including non-invasive and minimally invasive diagnostic tests, electrophysiology and an advanced catheterization laboratory is at CMC.  Our experts are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and we cater for for both adult and pediatric cardiology patients.

Cardiologist in Dubai
Our internationally trained cardiologists have been at the forefront of innovation and apply new techniques that have made cardiac catheterization a successful method for diagnosing and treating numerous cardiac illnesses. In the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) at CMC Hospital Dubai our patients are monitored in private rooms with the most advanced technology. Our cardiologists in Dubai have been attributed a number of ‘firsts’ in the region, bringing never before seen technology to our patients that lead to reduced procedure times and quicker recovery.

Our extensive Cardiology Services include:

Our cardiovascular laboratory, in coordination with the radiology department, performs CT Coronary angiography, coronary artery calcium score, and cardiac MRI. This is in addition to the existing cardiac catherization (cath) lab and the Electrophysiology lab. Lives lost from cardiovascular disease is a global issue. Our Cardiology team regularly rank in the top 10 cardiologists in Dubai. With Board Certifications from the UK, Germany and the United States of America, they are some of the most qualified cardiologists in the UAE.

Bringing Awareness to Heart Health

Prevention is better than the cure, at CMC Hospital Dubai we are passionate about preventative heart health. An annual heart check up is quick, painless and only takes a short amount of time.  Our essential heart check up package involves a consultation, non-invasive scans, a stress test and some simple lab tests. The results will provide you with the peace of mind your need, and arm you with the knowledge to help maintain your heart health in the long term.


Travelling to CMC Hospital Dubai for your Cardiology Appointment

Travelling to CMC Hospital Dubai for your Cardiology Appointment

Travelling to CMC Hospital Dubai for your Cardiology Appointment

Searching for a UK, US or German Board ‘Cardiologist near me’ view our map below.  CMC is conveniently located off Al Khail Rd. If you are looking for a Cardiologist near Business Bay or near Downtown, or a Cardiologist near Al Jaddaf or near Dubai Festival City we are only 5-10 minutes away.

If you need a Cardiologist near Mirdif we are 10 minutes away. If you need a Cardiologist near Jumeirah we are only 12-15 minutes away.  If you need a cardiologist near Dubai Hills or Al Barsha or near Silicon Oasis we are only 15-20 minutes away.


You should consider seeing a cardiologist if you experience symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or fainting. Also if you have a family history of heart disease, or if you have heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol you should see a cardiologist in Dubai.

The frequency and number of follow-up visits with a cardiologist will depend on your individual health needs, severity of any condition and previous treatments.

Look for a cardiologist with a recognized board-certified with relevant experience treating your specific heart condition.

Cardiologists perform a variety of non-invasive and minimally invasive tests to evaluate heart function. These include EKGs, stress tests, echocardiograms, and cardiac catheterization procedures.

Heart disease treatment will be personalised on a patient by patient basis, but may include medications, lifestyle changes, minimally invasive interventional procedures in a cardiac catherization (cath) lab, and in some cases, surgery to repair or replace damaged heart tissue.

In general yes, if our facility is covered by your insurance provider and network. Of course any recommended treatment is assessed on a case by case basis so It's recommended to check with your insurance provider the coverage you have.

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