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Our Pulmonary care is managed by a team of highly specialized pulmonary physicians, dealing as well with critical care medicine, to provide a diversity of levels in the care of critical patients.

This specialty is so crucial towards ensuring the wellbeing of patients, regarding the disturbances of pulmonary dynamics, with changes that are related to age, or even the changes that are related to several intrinsic or extrinsic factors.

We treat all types of pulmonary diseases as Diagnostics and treatment of lung diseases, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, Tumors of the lungs and bronchi, Chest ultrasound with sampling, Pulmonary arterial hypertension (Right heart catheterization)and lung infections.


  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Bronchoscopy

Our skilled pulmonary physicians perform this procedure to look with a scope inside the trachea and the lungs identifying thus any inflammation or lesion. A biopsy can be taken avoiding thus the risks of surgical procedure.

A high-tech Bronchoscopy Unit geared at performing both diagnostic and intervention bronchoscopies (transbronchial Biopsy, Stent etc) is equipped to accommodate all adults. Endobronchial Ultrasound scope is also present to help physicians checking lymph nodes in the chest.

  • Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Located in a special clinic, this is a noninvasive test where the patient is asked to blow in a machine that will calculate the lung volumes and capacities. Those numbers will help pulmonary physicians in diagnosing and managing the lung disorders.

  • Critical Care Unit

Our Intensive Care Unit is equipped with high-tech devices and machinery including advanced monitoring, Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilators, Bed-side Ultrasound capabilities. Our Intensivists conduct daily rounds following a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and are present 24 hours, 7 days to attend to those patients.

  • Out Patient Pulmonary Clinic

Our outpatient pulmonary clinics are run by our pulmonary medicine consultants and specialists to provide wide range services in order to diagnose and treat multiple lung diseases including lung infections, fibrosis, tumors and post-covid syndrome.

  • Smoking Cessation Program

This is an interdisciplinary counselling and treatment service to help smoker abstain and quit smoking, while all smokers of different kind including regular cigarettes, cigars, heated cigarettes, vaping and various electronic cigarettes smokers suffer from psychological and chemical dependency and sometime addiction, our program run by our consultant physicians who are regional pioneers in this field provide the best counselling and treatment using variable behavioral and mediational techniques.

  • State of Art Sleep Lab and clinics

While sleep related diseases including breathing related problems, insomnias and periodic limb movements, are showing an increasing number of patient population consequently, our well-equipped state of art sleep lab and sleep clinics integrated within pulmonary and sleep medicine outpatient services are providing the best approach for diagnosing and treating this patient population especially those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, and congenital sleep apnea in addition to Narcolepsy other sleep walking disorders through performing polysomnograms and other sleep studies.

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