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The goal of the CMC Dubai professional anesthesiologists is to administer all types of anesthesia promptly and safely and to eliminate the discomfort, anxiety and pain associated with all forms of care to all age groups. CMC Dubai anesthesiologist thrives to use the latest developments in technology and advances in modern pharmacology. The state of the art equipment allows the ability to provide techniques in alignment with the best practices and the international guidelines. This makes our anesthesia a “comfortable” method for both the patients and the surgeons. The CMC Dubai team is also available to manage acute pain. All services are administered as per the most up-to date guidelines and in compliance with international standards.



Anesthesia can be classified into general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and local anesthesia.

Some common risks and side effects of anesthesia include nausea and vomiting, sore throat, headache, and confusion. More serious risks include allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, and cardiovascular problems.

Age can affect the way the body responds to anesthesia, and older patients may be at a higher risk of complications. However, age alone is not a determining factor in the use of anesthesia.

While complications can occur during or after anesthesia, long-term effects or damage to the body are rare.

Conscious sedation involves the use of medications to relax the patient and reduce pain, but the patient remains conscious and able to respond to verbal commands. General anesthesia puts the patient into a deep sleep or unconsciousness.

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