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Expert Fetal Medicine Specialists in Dubai at CMC Hospital

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This incredible journey holds immense joy and excitement, but it can also bring questions and concerns about your baby’s well-being. At CMC Hospital our dedicated Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist in Dubai is here to support you every step of the way, offering expert care and cutting-edge technology to ensure your baby’s health and development.

This service will be launching at CMC Hospital in February 2024

Fetal Medicine Specialist

What is Maternal Fetal Medicine?

Maternal-fetal medicine is a specialized branch of medicine focused on safeguarding mothers and babies during pregnancy. At CMC Hospital Dubai we use advanced scans, tests, and procedures to diagnose and treat complications to ensure optimal health for both mom and baby.

Why should you see Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist (MFM)

  1. High-Risk Pregnancies: If you have any factors that increase your risk of complications during pregnancy, such as pre-existing medical conditions, advanced maternal age, or multiple pregnancies, an MFM can provide specialized care and monitoring to optimize your health and your baby’s.
  2. Detailed Fetal Diagnostics: MFMs are experts in advanced prenatal scans and tests, like fetal echocardiography or genetic counseling.
  3. Complex Fetal Conditions: If your baby is diagnosed with a specific health condition, an MFM can offer expertise in managing the condition prenatally or coordinating with other specialists for specialized care after birth.

Our team combines fetal medicine physicians, sonographers and a variety of medical specialties such as cardiology and endocrinology to provide comprehensive care for mothers and babies with unique or complex challenges. We work closely with your obstetrician to address potential concerns early on and personalize your prenatal care to ensure the best possible pregnancy journey.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Services at CMC Hospital Dubai:

Dating Scan / First Trimester Scan (6-10 Weeks)

This early scan, often combined with a blood test, helps assess the risk of chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome.

NIPT / Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (10 Weeks) – This test takes a blood sample from the mother to analyze fetal DNA for chromosomal abnormalities. The test screens for:

  • Down Syndrome with 99% accuracy
  • Edwards Syndrome with 97% accuracy
  • Patau Syndrome with 92% accuracy

First Trimester Screening / Nuchal Translucency Scan (NT Scan)

This specialized ultrasound examines the space at the back of your baby’s neck, further refining the risk assessment for chromosomal conditions.

Morphology Scan / Detailed Anomaly Scan (20-24 weeks)
This comprehensive ultrasound performed around 20 weeks assesses your baby’s anatomy, growth, and movement in detail.

3D/4D Scan
A 3D/4D scan adds depth and movement to your baby’s ultrasound. These “real-life” images reveal your little one’s features, like tiny fingers and toes,

Fetal Growth Scan / Well Being Scan (28-34 Weeks)
Also called a 3rd Trimester Scan, this ultrasound scan provides useful insight into the growth and wellbeing of your baby.

Fetal Echo Scan / Fetal echocardiography
This specialized ultrasound focuses on the fetal heart, assessing its structure and function for any potential abnormalities.

Cervical Scan
A cervical scan checks the length of your cervix during pregnancy. A short cervix increases risk of early delivery, so this ultrasound helps doctors monitor and manage any potential concerns for a healthy term

Fetal Doppler Scans
A fetal doppler scan checks your baby’s blood flow through the umbilical cord and heart. Its whooshing sounds reveal clues about oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Genetic Counselling
Our team can provide valuable information and support to families facing potential genetic risks for their baby. They offer personalized counseling to help you understand test results, make informed decisions, and navigate your options.

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