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About Us


At Clemenceau Medical Center in Dubai, we are passionate about our mission to deliver healthcare services to patients that go above and beyond anything they’ve experienced before.

Our hospital in Dubai is operated by a team of medical professionals that bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the community, showcasing a wide range of expertise across specialties. Designed with Dubai in mind, the pristine facility is a combination of comfort, convenience and sophistication at every stage, for every patient.

From medical innovation to outpatient care, our legacy of excellence shows and we are committed to bringing a new standard of patient-first healthcare excellence to a private hospital in Dubai.


CMC in Dubai is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art medical center, designed to offer patients one of the most innovative treatments and technologies available in the region, in a safe, compassionate environment.

About Clemenceau Medicine International

Founded in 2008, Clemenceau Medicine International is committed to extending and advancing the mission of patient-first medical excellence both regionally and internationally.

With a targeted course of expansion, CMI plans to pursue medical innovation and be a leading healthcare facilitator across the Middle East.

Our Beirut, Dubai & Riyadh centers represent value across the board – patient care, technology, design and service.

We believe this not only upgrades the medical standard, but also makes the hospitalization process easier and more rewarding for our patients and their families.

Our History

Our world-class reputation stems from a legacy of medical excellence at our Beirut facility, renowned for its global affiliations and multiple accreditations from Joint Commission International.

Clemenceau Medical Centre Hospital In Dubai

CMC Hospital in Dubai is a tertiary, state-of-the-art facility designed to offer the city one of the most innovative treatments and technologies available in the region. Medical professionals from around the world come together to deliver an great patient experience, driven by passion, experience and expertise.

Our Knowledge Transfer Matrix further allows us to tap into top-tier medical professionals worldwide, ensuring patients have access to the best care, from start to finish.



  • Excellent service to our patients, customers, and physicians is our most important consideration.
  • We will strive to build trust by providing our services with integrity.
  • Our employees are our most valuable assets. We will build an exceptional culture which will attract and retain exceptional employees.



  • The best evidence-based clinical practice delivered in a coordinated and integrated way.
  • A person-centered experience, supported by systems and processes, that focuses on patients, families, and all members of our organization.
  • A genuine sense of caring and concern seeing our service provisions as relationships and not transactions with patients, families, and one another.


  • Integrity: We operate in a transparent, evidence-based and ethical environment.
  • Caring: We care, beyond healthcare.
  • Mutual respect: We treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • Accountability: We accept responsibility and commit to continuous learning.
  • Trust: We can count on each other.

Our Promise


Caring is part of our mission hence we provide an outstanding healthcare experience to our patient which goes beyond clinical treatment. We are bringing a healthy clinical environment to our local community where our professional caregivers will make the impossible possible.

World Class Clinical Expertise

We belong to a credible healthcare network committed to provide the local community with our international expertise bringing top tier medical professionals, highly advanced technology and best practices to deliver an exceptional healthcare culture revolving around patient – centered Care in Dubai.

Transparent & Evidence Based

We operate in a transparent, evidence-based and ethical environment where we value our patients, business partners and people.


Reaching Further

Fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, CMC Hospital in Dubai not only provides a complete list of essential health services, but also first-class service in a 5-star ambiance, complete with spacious furnished rooms, suites and comfortable waiting areas.

Focused on one of the latest cutting-edge medical technologies, we give patients access to avant-garde treatments, ensuring one of the highest levels of safety and patient care, from filmless digital imaging and advanced laparoscopy to OR automation systems, real-time video teleconferencing diagnostic centers, operating theatres and critical care units.

Our facility consists of 100 beds and offers several specialties and centers of excellence in medical departments such as the heart, digestive diseases, liver care, mother and child, hematology and oncology, neuroscience and spine, and orthopedic surgery.


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