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Our mission is to provide high quality and efficient emergency care by experienced staff and state of the art resources.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to treat our patients promptly, respectfully and effectively.

Our commitment is to provide immediate emergency care by qualified emergency physicians together with a specialized consultation which is available immediately for each specialty (Anesthesia ,Cardiology ,ENT, Family Medicine ,General surgery ,Gastrointestinal, Hematology ,Intensive care ,Nephrology, Neurology ,Neurosurgery ,Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology ,Orthopedics ,Pediatrics, Pulmonary )

We offer emergency care day and night, supported by the use of the latest technology and best practices.

Our people

Our highly qualified physicians and highly trained nurses have refined their skills in a wide range of medical arenas.

This comprehensive wealth of expertise makes you feel confident about receiving the best health care available in the region.

Emergency department design

The emergency unit is designed with 10 private treatment rooms including one isolation room and one obstetrics and gynecology room. All rooms are designed in a way to ensure maximum comfort for the patients and to protect the privacy of patients and their families.

There is a separate emergency entrance for the ambulance that leads to 2 high standard resuscitation rooms.

There is a separate specialized room for minor surgical procedures that should be done on emergency basis.

Our emergency room is well equipped to handle practically any adult or pediatric emergency with the kind of equipment and services you would expect from a hospital.

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