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Gynecology Clinic in Dubai at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital

At CMC our Gynecology Clinic is run by top gynecologists that are US, UK and French Board Certified of Trained. You’ll find comprehensive services covering the full range of women’s health issues.

Whether you are an expecting mother, or in need of gynecological treatment, you’ll find highly experienced US, UK & German Board Certified OBGYNs equipped with the latest diagnostic technology.

Our gynecology services are among the most advanced in the region offering not only robotic and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries, but also the latest in innovative scarless and non-surgical techniques that have earned our doctors a reputation as being some of the best gynecologists in Dubai.

Our full range of gynecology services include:

  • Women’s Health Screening
  • Robotic Gynecological Procedures
  • Hysteroscopy Gynecological Procedures
  • Laparoscopic Gynecological Procedures
  • Advanced Fibroids Clinic
  • Advanced Endometriosis Clinic
  • SexuaI Health & Infection Clinic
  • Menopause Clinic
  • Urogynecology
  • Pelvic Floor Surgery
  • Pelvic Pain Clinic
  • Gyne-oncology
  • Aesthetic Gynecology
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