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Dr. Bachir Abiad is the Chief of Department of Ophthalmology at the Clemenceau Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon. He is an anterior segment and refractive surgeon at five different major hospitals in Lebanon.

After graduating with distinction from the American University of Beirut Medical School, and completing his ophthalmology residency training there, he joined UT Southwestern in United States of America to complete a 2-year AUPO-certified fellowship in anterior segment, cornea and refractive surgery.

Dr. Abiad currently performs complex anterior segment reconstruction surgeries, all types of penetrating and lamellar corneal transplants: PKP, DALK, DSAEK (including the ultra-thin and nano-thin DSAEK), DMEK, secondary intraocular lenses and complex cataract surgeries. Moreover, Dr. Abiad is a refractive surgeon and is an expert in PRK, femto-LASIK, cross-linking, ICL, and intra-stromal rings.

In addition to his solid training in excellent eye centers in Lebanon and USA, Dr. Abiad is a recipient of multiple prestigious national and international awards and has published more than 10 peer-reviewed articles, and is still actively involved in academic work with junior residents in university hospitals. He is also a member of many medical societies.

Dr. Abiad is currently developing new surgical techniques in the domain of ocular anterior segment reconstruction. He believes in multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of ocular problems and is currently working as part of a solid team of subspecialists in Clemenceau Medical Center.



  • July 2018 AUPO certified American Trained Anterior Segment and refractive surgeon, Dallas, USA.
  • June 2016 Ophthalmologist: American University of Beirut Medical Center.
  • June 2012 Medical Doctor: American University of Beirut Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon.
  • June 2008 Bachelor of Science in Biology: American University of Beirut.
  • June 2005 Lebanese Baccalaureate: Life Sciences.



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There are various types of eye surgeries, including cataract surgery, LASIK and other refractive surgeries, glaucoma surgery, corneal transplant surgery, retinal detachment repair, and cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is a popular refractive surgery used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It involves reshaping the cornea using a laser to improve the focusing power of the eye. The procedure is typically quick, safe, and can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Dr Bachir Abiad Performed complex anterior segment reconstruction He also performs all types of penetrating and lamellar corneal transplants. A specialist in PRK, femto-LASIK, cross-linking, ICL, and intra-stromal rings, Dr. Abiad is also a refractive surgeon.

You can call CMC Hospital Dubai on 800 262 392, and request by name to book an appointment with Dr Bachir Abiad

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