Excessive Sweating |Hyperhidrosis| Excessive Sweating Causes

Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, is a condition characterized by abnormally high levels of sweating that go beyond what is necessary to regulate body temperature. It can occur throughout the body or be localized to specific areas.

Common Causes for Excessive Sweating

  1. Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis: This is often an inherited condition where excessive sweating occurs in specific areas, such as the palms, soles, underarms, or face, without an underlying medical cause.
  2. Secondary Hyperhidrosis: Resulting from underlying medical conditions or medications, this type of hyperhidrosis can affect the entire body. Common causes include menopause, thyroid disorders, infections, diabetes, and certain medications.
  3. Heat and Humidity: Environmental factors like hot weather or high humidity can lead to increased sweating as the body attempts to cool down.
  4. Anxiety and Stress: Emotional stress or anxiety can trigger excessive sweating, often localized to the palms, soles, and underarms.
  5. Hormonal Changes: Hormonal fluctuations during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause can lead to increased perspiration.
  6. Infections: Certain infections, like tuberculosis or HIV, can result in night sweats and generalized sweating.
  7. Neurological Disorders: Conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or autonomic neuropathy can disrupt the body’s sweat regulation.
  8. Obesity: Excess body fat can lead to increased sweating as it traps heat.
  9. Cancer: Some types of cancer, particularly lymphoma, can cause night sweats and excessive sweating.

Excessive Sweating
Treatment for excessive sweating depends on the underlying cause. Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital offers comprehensive evaluation and management, including lifestyle modifications, prescription antiperspirants, Botox injections, medications, or minimally invasive surgical options like sympathectomy in severe cases of focal hyperhidrosis. Accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment plans are essential for effective management.

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