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Urological Cancer Treatment in Dubai at CMC Hospital

Although Prostate Cancer maybe one of the most common types of cancer effecting men, other types of cancer affecting men include bladder, testicular, kidney and penile cancer. Early detection is key to curing cancer.  At Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai we have comprehensive screening programmes and preventative health checks to screen and diagnose cancer as early as possible. Below is a brief summary of the types of cancer men should be aware of:

Common Cancers

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting men worldwide. It may not have many signs and symptoms in the early stages, but a simple PSA test can help identify if you are at risk.

Bladder Cancer

After prostate cancer, bladder cancer is the next most common. It develops in the urothelial cells of the bladder and there are some documented risk factors such as smoking  Bladder cancer has a relatively high recurrence rate and therefore requires frequent monitoring.

Kidney Cancer

The treatment for kidney cancer will depend on the stage of the disease.

Less Common Cancers

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is a common cancer among young men, despite it being a rarer form of cancer in general.  If detected early, testicular cancer has a very high cure rate.

Penile Cancer

This is one of the rarer type of cancer. It typically affects older men, over 50 and is often diagnosed in the early stages due to its visible nature.

At CMC Dubai we offer a multidisciplinary approach to urological cancer treatment involving experts from oncology, urology, radiology and nephrology.  When conservative or minimally invasive treatments do not prove effective, we are equipped with the latest technology, robotic surgery, and well skilled in surgical preservation techniques.

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