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Pleuroscopy Procedure At CMC Dubai

also known as medical thoracoscopy, is a procedure that allows a healthcare provider to examine the pleural space (the space between the lungs and chest wall) using a thin, flexible tube with a camera and light called a thoracoscope.

The thoracoscope is inserted through a small incision in the chest wall, allowing the healthcare provider to view the lungs, pleura, and other structures within the chest.

Pleuroscopy is often used to diagnose and treat conditions such as pleural effusion (excess fluid in the pleural space), pleural thickening (scarring of the pleura), and pleural tumors.

The medical professional doing the treatment may obtain tissue samples (biopsies) or extract fluid or other substances from the pleural space for testing.

Although general anesthesia may be utilized in specific circumstances, pleuroscopy is often conducted when the patient is sedated and under local anaesthetic. Although though there is a slight chance of problems like bleeding, infection, or lung puncture, the operation is typically safe and well-tolerated.

According on your particular condition, your healthcare practitioner can give you more details regarding the possible dangers and advantages of pleuroscopy.

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