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Excessive Sweating Treatment in Dubai at CMC Hospital Hyperhidrosis Clinic

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating. It can affect any part of the body, but it is most common in the armpits, hands, feet, and face.

Hyperhidrosis can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, medical conditions, medications, anxiety, and stress. Often once standard methods like the use of antiperspirants fails to work effectively, patients seek alternative treatments provided by CMC Hospital Dubai including both and laser treatment for excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis.

Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis

The main symptom of hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. The sweating may be constant or it may come and go. It may be worse during certain activities, such as exercise or when feeling stressed.

Other symptoms of hyperhidrosis may include:

  • Damp or wet skin
  • Sweat stains on clothing
  • Visible droplets of sweat on the skin
  • Difficulty gripping objects
  • Social embarrassment

Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

There are a number of treatments available for hyperhidrosis. The best treatment for you will depend on the severity of your condition and the underlying cause.

Non-invasive & Minimally Invasive Treatments for Hyperhidrosis

  • Excessive Sweating can be used to block the signals from the nerves that trigger the sweat glands. This can be very effective in reducing sweating in the armpits, hands, and feet.
  • Laser treatment: in this procedure laser light is used to permanently destroy axillary sweat glands by heating targeted sweat gland tissue without damaging the surrounding areas.

Lifestyle Changes

While seeking additional treatments, there are some natural methods that may reduce sweating that include:

  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol
  • Wearing loose-fitting, breathable clothing
  • Taking cool showers or baths
  • Using an antiperspirant before bed


Depends on severity and underlying cause. Non-invasive, minimally invasive, and surgical options available.

Duration varies depending on treatment type. Non-invasive treatments need to be used regularly, minimally invasive treatments may provide longer-lasting results, and surgery is the most permanent option.

Cost varies depending on treatment type and insurance coverage. Non-invasive treatments are typically the least expensive option, followed by minimally invasive treatments and surgery.

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