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A baby’s first check-up typically takes place within a few days of their birth, and subsequent check-ups will be scheduled at various intervals during the first year of life. Here are some things that may be checked during a baby/newborn check-up:

  1. Weight and height: The doctor will measure the baby’s weight, length, and head circumference to ensure that they are growing appropriately.
  2. Feeding: The doctor will ask questions about the baby’s feeding schedule, including how often the baby is nursing or taking a bottle, and how much they are consuming at each feeding.
  3. Diaper output: The doctor will ask about the frequency and appearance of the baby’s bowel movements and urine output.
  4. Sleeping: The doctor will ask about the baby’s sleep patterns and whether the baby seems to be getting enough rest.
  5. Physical exam: The doctor will perform a physical exam to check the baby’s overall health, including their heart rate, breathing, skin color, and muscle tone.
  6. Immunizations: Depending on the baby’s age, the doctor may administer vaccines to protect against certain diseases.
  7. Developmental milestones: The doctor will ask about the baby’s developmental milestones, such as whether they are lifting their head or smiling, to ensure that they are developing normally.

It’s important to attend all scheduled check-ups with your baby’s doctor to ensure that they are growing and developing as they should be.

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