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CMC Dubai offers comprehensive care for children with clubfoot, a congenital condition where the foot is born turned inward. Our experienced team understands the delicate nature of this condition and provides personalized treatment plans for optimal outcomes.

Diagnosis of Clubfoot

Diagnosis usually happens at birth during a doctor’s examination. They’ll look for specific signs like:

  • Foot twisted inward and downward
  • Tilted inward heel
  • Tight and short Achilles tendon
  • Inward-turned forefoot

In some cases, additional tests like X-rays or ultrasounds may be needed to rule out other conditions or assess the deformity’s severity.

Causes of Clubfoot

The exact cause of clubfoot remains a mystery, but it’s believed to be a combination of genetics and environmental factors. Some risk factors include:

  • Family history of clubfoot
  • Male sex
  • Certain birth defects like spina bifida
  • Smoking during pregnancy

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Treatment of Clubfoot

Clubfoot’s treatment unfolds like a story of gradual progress and dedicated maintenance. Right after birth, gentle manipulations and a series of casts, replaced every few weeks for months, coax the foot into a straighter position. Then, special boots and braces become trusted companions, worn for years to secure the new alignment. Occasionally, a minor surgery helps overcome stubborn muscles. Throughout, regular checkups and, sometimes, physical therapy ensure the journey stays on track. With early intervention and unwavering support, most children with clubfoot walk hand-in-hand with a future full of possibilities.

With proper treatment, most children with clubfoot achieve excellent results. They can walk normally and participate in all activities without limitations. However, clubfoot is a lifelong condition. There’s a small risk of the deformity recurring, even after successful treatment. Regular follow-up appointments with a doctor are therefore important.


Clubfoot treatment in the UAE, like elsewhere, focuses on gently guiding the foot back into normal position. This often involves a series of casts and braces worn for months, followed by diligent monitoring and, in some cases, minor surgery to address tight muscles. The goal is to achieve healthy mobility and a future free of limitations.

While complete correction isn't always guaranteed, early intervention and proper treatment can lead to excellent outcomes for most children with clubfoot. With dedication and ongoing monitoring, they can achieve normal mobility and enjoy active lives.

Yes, there's a small risk of recurrence, even after successful treatment. Regular checkups and, in some cases, additional bracing can help prevent this.

Clubfoot treatment can be effective at any age, though early intervention is crucial for achieving the best results. Even for older children and adults, significant improvements in mobility and function are possible.

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