Same Day Knee Replacement in Dubai at Clemenceau Hospital

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Same Day Knee Replacement in Dubai at CMC

Also known as rapid recovery knee replacement, outpatient knee replacement, or ambulatory knee replacement, same-day knee surgery is a series of knee replacement protocols that enables select patients to go home the same day of the procedure rather than having to stay in the hospital overnight.

Benefits of Same Day Knee Surgery

The main benefits of same day knee replacement are the patient is able to recover in the comfort of his/her home quicker and less time spent in a hospital reduces the risk of picking up an infection based in the facility.

Risks Associated with Same Day Knee Surgery

When compared to standard knee replacement procedures, there are no additional risks associated with one-day case knee surgery if the patients meet the strict eligibility criteria. The following limitations are the only ones that would prevent one from being discharged on the same day as the surgery. They involve the patient having a temporarily impaired ability to:

  • Manage his/her pain with appropriate medication
  • Safely move about with the aid of crutches or a walker
  • Climb stairs

Ideal Candidate for Same Day Knee Surgery

The criteria for a patient to qualify for a day-case knee surgery is very strict. More complicated cases of knee surgery would typically necessitate a longer hospital stay. However, there are various reasons why a patient might not be chosen for a day-case surgery.

Even though age is not specified as a concern, the patient must be in generally good health and have enough help at home during the recovery period.

Recovery After Same Day Knee Surgery

Due to early mobilization following day surgery and knee pain management protocols, patients are encouraged to recover faster. Recuperation normally takes 6 weeks, which mostly entails the use of crutches or other walking aids for two weeks following the treatment before reducing the number of crutches to one by the 4th week. Most patients are capable of independent movement and are qualified to even drive by the 6th week.

Possible Anesthesia Differences for Same Day Knee Surgery

Although the surgical procedure is mostly similar whether a patient recovers in a hospital or at home, alternative anesthetic techniques could be used during surgery. For most same-day procedures, spinal anesthetic is frequently used.

The anesthesia is administered through a needle that is temporarily placed in the lower back. This type of anesthesia is recommended by specialists because it is easier to tolerate and recover from compared to general anesthesia. It also has fewer risks of any possible complications.

Nevertheless, the patient is monitored closely throughout and soon after surgery by an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist regardless of the type of anesthesia used in the procedure.

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