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At Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai, our US & UK Trained ACL surgeons are experts in minimally invasive ACL reconstruction techniques. With thousands of successful knee surgeries performed, our patients benefit from minimal pain and faster recovery.

ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure that restores knee stability and strength after the ligament has been torn. The procedure works by removing the remnants of the damaged ligament and replace them with tissue from a cadaver or another ligament from one’s body. ACL reconstruction procedure is performed on an outpatient basis by an orthopedic surgeon.

Why ACL Reconstruction Surgery is Performed

ACL reconstructive surgery is performed to restore stability and range of motion to the knee after an ACL tear. Surgery is not always necessary in situations with torn ligaments, but individuals who are in severe discomfort may choose to have it.

ACL Injury Treatment Dubai
ACL reconstruction is mostly recommended for:

  • Individuals with persistent knee pain
  • Individuals whose injury causes the knee to buckle during routine activities
  • Young and active individuals
  • An athlete who wants to remain active

Preparation for ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Prior to surgery, the patient will undergo several days of physical therapy. The objective is to reduce pain and swelling, restore the knee’s full range of motion, and strengthen muscles. Individuals who have stiff, swollen knees before surgery may not fully recover their range of motion.

The patient will need to discuss with the doctor about where the surgically-implanted tendon will come from. These tendons are frequently found in:

  • Quadriceps
  • Patella’s tendon
  • Hamstring

The doctor will issue complete instructions for the day of the surgery, which may include fasting for 12 hours prior to surgery and refraining from taking any blood-thinning medications such as aspirin. The patient should arrange for someone to accompany him/her to the hospital for surgery.

How the Procedure Works

During the procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, a sample tissue is chosen, which is prepared from a cadaver or surgically removed from the patient’s body. The tendon will then be outfitted with bone plugs, or anchor points, to graft the tendon into the knee.

An incision is made in the front of the knee through which a small tube is outfitted with a fiber optic camera and surgical tools (arthroscope) are inserted. This will enable the surgeon to see inside the knee during the procedure.

The surgeon will first clean the area and remove the damaged ACL. The tibia and femur will then have tiny holes drilled into them so that the bone plugs can be fastened with posts, screws, staples, or washers.

The surgeon will check the knee’s range of motion and tension after attaching the new ligament to make sure the graft is secure.

Lastly, the surgeon will suture the incisions, dress the wound, and stabilize the knee with a brace.


In general you will be encouraged to walk a little 1-2 days after surgery with crutches. It will take approximately 2 weeks before it's recommended to walk without assistance/crutches.

The suregry itself is not painful as you'll be under general anesthesia during the surgery. You may feel some post-operative pain/discomfort for the first week after surgery, but this will decrease over time and can be controlled with the relevant pain medication as prescribed by your doctor.

ACL surgery is one of the most common procedures for experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeons. However it is still considered a major surgery. You'll be given general anesthesia and there will be a recovery period that varies from patient to patient.

The price for ACL surgery may vary depending on the complecity of the injury and other conditions present in the patient. Price varies hospital to hospital dependent on the standard of the facilities and qualifications and experience of the doctors also. At Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai we can provide a customised quote for the cost of your acl surgery in Dubai.

ACL tears frequently occur in people who are very active, and result from specific movements including: - Changing direction fast - Landing flat-footed from a jump - Overextending knee joint - Changing speed while running. ACL tears are a common type of sports injury. Because these activities require jumping or turning, basketball, skiing, football, and soccer are a few of the sports that put athletes at risk of a knee injuries.

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