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Cornea Transplantation: A Gift of Sight

We at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital provide high-quality eye care services to bring a positive change in people’s lives through corneal transplantation. This procedure can restore vision for patients suffering from corneal disorders such as corneal dystrophies, corneal scars and keratoconus and more.  

At Clemenceau Hospital a team of experienced corneal surgeons offer a range of corneal transplant options, including full-thickness and partial thickness transplantation to achieve best possible outcome for our patients.  

Corneal transplantation can significantly improve vision within a few weeks postoperatively after full thickness surgeries and within days to weeks in partial thickness surgeries.  

In addition to providing exceptional medical care, CMC is committed to making the transplantation process as stress free as possible through a compassionate team of counselors and physicians. We are committed to your treatment with utmost efficiency and empathy because ‘every eye is precious’. 



Partial thickness or lamellar transplantation: – only affected layer of cornea is replaced with a similar healthy layer from the donor cornea which ensures faster rehabilitation and a stronger cornea post operatively. 

DALK (deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty) – done in cases where anterior layers are diseased but inner most layer or the endothelium is healthy. 

DSEK/ DSAEK/ DMEK – (endothelial keratoplasty)– done in cases when anterior layers are clear and healthy, and disease involves inner most layer of endothelium of cornea. 

Full-thickness or penetrating transplantation: –all 3 layers of cornea are replaced with healthy cornea 

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