Mum & Baby Clinic Dubai at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital

The Mum & Baby Clinic at Clemenceau Medical Center Dubai supports new mothers with the support needed to put your mind at ease during those vital few months post delivery.

It’s natural to have many quesitons after giving birth and we are here to help.  Book your appointment at our Mum & Baby Clinic.

  • Are you struggling with breastfeeding?
  • Not sure what an infant sleep pattern looks like?
  • Keen to find out ideas that may help keep your baby quiet?
  • Wondering how to take care of your Cesarean Scar or Perineal Tear?
  • Wonder about conceiving or not conceiving postpartum?
  • Wondeting what postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation is?

Our qualified midwives and obstetrician  at CMC Dubai Mum and Baby Clinic are happy to help you in the first few months after delivery.

Our liscensed Breastfeeding consultant is passionate about breast feeding medicine and provides evidence-based advice when it comes to sleep and improving cry-fuss behaviour in babies.

We are keen to work with your family to help improve any challenges you and your baby might face in the post-delivery period.

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