Best Men’s Health Check Up in Dubai at Clemenceau Hospital

The Leading Men’s Health Check-up Experience in Dubai

The Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Men’s Health Check Up in Dubai is known for being a comprehensive and seamless experience within a luxury private hospital setting.

We have 3 Health Check Up packages for Men, each tailored to ensure you have the best Health Check Up for your situation.

Men Below 40:

Men Above 40:

Best Men's Health Check Up Dubai
After submitting an enquiry or contacting us, our dedicated Health Checkup Coordinator will be touch asap to explain the package(s) in more detail.

Our Men’s Health Check ups may include, but are not limited to the below series of consultations, tests, imaging and evaluations:

360 General Health Check

  • Consultation with Family Medicine Physician

Lab Tests

  • Full complete blood count and differentials
  • Urine Analysis
  • Stool Analysis
  • Stool Occult blood
  • HbA1C
  • Thyroid Test [TSH]

General Wellness

  • Lipid Panel [HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides]
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3
  • Testosterone
  • Ferritin
  • PSA

Liver and kidney Markers – Comprehensive Metabolic Profile: Liver & Kidney Function Test

  • Total Protein
  • Liver Function: ALP – AST – ALT
  • Bilirubin – Albumin – Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Electrolytes: Na – K – Cl – CO2
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen
  • Calcium
  • Creatinine

Cardiac & Pulmonary Evaluation

  • Cardiac Consultation with a consultant
  • Echocardiography
  • ECG
  • Cardiac Stress Test
  • Pulmonary Function Test


Imaging will be chosen by our medical team according to the age, gender, and previous medical history.

  • Chest-Xray
  • Ultrasound Abdomen
  • Ultrasound KUB
  • Bone Densitomery (dexa scan)

Optional Investigations

  • CT Calcium Score
  • Consultation with Gastroenterologist to discuss colonoscopy
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