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At Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai, we offer a range of health check up packages for both men and women.  You have the option of choosing one of our vital, essential or comprehensive health check-up packages that have been diligently researched and created by our medical professionals.

“Health is Wealth”, and an annual medical check-up in Dubai provides a holistic review of your body’s internal systems, ensuring you and your family have peace of mind. Think of your health check up as an ‘early warning system’, that can detect silent threats and undetected conditions before they cause significant damage.

Full body check up package

Your Full Body Check Up in Dubai

“Prevention is Better than Cure” – Early diagnosis enabled through routine blood tests, screening and diagnostic scans allows for early detection and intervention leading to significantly better outcomes and reduced complications. Your health check up package in Dubai isn’t just about finding problems though, it’s also about identifying risks before they develop into diseases.  Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and family history data all offer valuable insights into your susceptibility to certain conditions. Armed with this knowledge, you and your doctor can tailor a preventive plan, incorporating lifestyle changes and, if necessary, preventive medication, to keep you on the healthy track.

Personal Empowerment Through Your Medical Check Up in Dubai

A check-up empowers you with knowledge about your own body. Understanding your baseline vitals, lab results, and family history gives you a sense of agency, allowing you to actively participate in your health journey. At CMC Hospital Dubai we arm you with this information, so you can make informed choices about your diet, exercise routine, and preventive measures, fostering a sense of control and confidence.

Full body check up dubai

Health Check Up in Dubai in a Luxury Environment

CMC Hospital Dubai is luxury private hospital located in Al Jadaf, Dubai Heath Care City (DHCC) Phase 2.  Just off Al Khail road, it is convenient to travel to from anywhere in Dubai.  With a calming ambiance, high-end luxury furniture, fixtures and locally sourced contemporary art, we aim to ensure your health check package in Dubai is a pleasant and relaxing experience

Health Check Up Dubai
Medical Check Up Dubai
Health Check Up
Medical Checkup

Choose Your Health Check Up Package

Men and women have fundamentally different aspects to their biology that bring unique challenges as we age and therefore require additional or alternative tests and screening exams. At CMC Hospital Dubai we have a selection of 6 packages that cater for both men and women above and below the ages of 40.

Women’s Medical Check Ups Below 40

Womens Health Check Up Dubai - Vital Below 40 Womens Medical Check Up Dubai - Essential Below 40 Womens Health Check Up in Dubai


Women’s Medical Check Ups Above 40

Men’s Medical Check Ups below 40

Mens Health Check up in Dubai below 40 Mens Health CheckUp Below 40 vitalMens Health Check Up Dubai


Men’s Medical Check Ups Above 40

Mens Medical Check UpMens Medical Check Up DubaiMens Medical Check Up in Dubai

The Premier Executive Check Up Program

Our Premier Executive Health Checkup is considered the Gold Standard, combining streamlined VIP service with a comprehensive set of cardiac and pulmonary tests, lab tests and imaging technologies.

Executive Health Check up in Dubai

Investing in Your Future – Full Body Health Check Up Package

While an annual check-up may seem like an expense, it’s an investment in your future health it will save you time and money down the line. Early detection and prevention of chronic conditions significantly reduces the financial burden of treating advanced stages of disease, saving you from costly procedures and extended healthcare needs in the long run. Regular health check-ups in Dubai are not just medical appointments; they’re proactive investments in your future well-being. They offer a chance to listen to your body, address potential problems early, and empower you to live a healthier, happier life. Schedule your annual health check up package in Dubai today!


The specific tests and evaluations included in a health check-up can vary depending on factors such as age, gender, family history, and overall health status. However, a typical health check-up may include a physical examination, blood tests, a urinalysis, a lipid panel, and screenings for conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

The frequency of health check-ups can vary depending on individual circumstances. It is recommended that adults undergo a health check-up at least once a year, but your doctor may recommend more frequent check-ups if you have specific health concerns or risk factors.

Regular health check-ups can help detect potential health problems early, when they are most treatable. They can also provide an opportunity to discuss lifestyle changes that can improve your overall health and prevent future health problems.

To prepare for a health check-up, it is recommended that you provide your doctor with a complete medical history, including any medications you are currently taking and any previous medical procedures or surgeries. You may also need to fast or avoid certain foods or beverages before the check-up, depending on the specific tests that will be performed.

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