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Labiaplasty Clinic in Dubai at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital

Operated by World Renowned Aesthetic Surgeons with Multiple Awards for Surgical Excellence, the CMC Labiaplasty Dubai Clinic is the number one destination for women seeking intimate rejuvenation.

Book your confidential appointment with our Labiaplasty experts, Dr Karl Jallad and Dr Toufic Eid, who are considered among the best Labiaplasty surgeons in Dubai.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves altering the size or shape of the labia minora (inner vaginal lips) or the labia majora (outer vaginal lips). This procedure is performed for both cosmetic and functional reasons with the goal of improving the appearance and comfort of the intimate area.

Labiaplasty Surgery Dubai
Our Labiaplasty Doctors will ensure you receive a customised treatment and recovery plan in line with your personal goals for this procedure.

Reasons Women Choose the Labiaplasty Clinic in Dubai at CMC

Cosmetic Concerns: Many women choose labiaplasty to address aesthetic concerns about the size, shape, or symmetry of their labia. They may feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with the appearance of their genitalia, and labiaplasty can help enhance their self-esteem and body image.

Discomfort or Pain: Enlarged or elongated labia minora can lead to physical discomfort during various activities, such as exercise, sexual intercourse, or wearing tight clothing. Labiaplasty can alleviate this discomfort by reducing the size of the labia.

Functional Improvement: Some women may opt for labiaplasty to improve sexual satisfaction. Reducing the size of the labia minora can increase clitoral exposure, potentially enhancing sexual pleasure.

Labiaplasty Recovery Overview

The recovery period after labiaplasty varies from person to person, however below is an accurate overview

Immediate Postoperative Period

After the surgery, there may be some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Ice packs and pain medications will be prescribed to help manage these symptoms. It’s vital to rest during this time.

Return to Normal Activities

In general most women can return to light, non-strenuous activities within a few days to a week. However you must avoid activities like vigorous exercise and sexual intercourse, and using tampons should be avoided for a few week.

Swelling and Bruising

It’s normal for swelling and bruising to persist for several weeks in some cased, but it should gradually subside. Wearing loose-fitting clothing and ensuring you follow the postoperative care instructions will help minimize discomfort.

Follow-Up Appointments

You will be booked several follow up appointments with your labiaplasty surgeon to ensure the healing process is progressing as expected.

Full Recovery

Full recovery varies per person and It can take several weeks to a few months for the full results of the labiaplasty procedure to be visible and for any residual swelling to completely heal.

CMC Hospital Dubai – Your Destination for Labiaplasty in Dubai

Labiaplasty surgery is an increasingly common procedure, and at the Labiaplasty Clinic at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai, you can be confident you are in the hands of the best Labiaplasty Surgeons in Dubai.


Dr Karl Jallad and Dr Toufic Eid are considered among the best labiaplasty surgeons in Dubai. Key factors in this rating are the multiple awards for surgical excellence and Board Certifications these doctors posses. They operate at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai

The cost of Labiaplasty in Dubai, UAE performed by an renowned international expert such as Dr Karl Jallad or Dr Toufic Eid, ranges between AED 20,000 - AED 30,000* Prices accurate at time of publish

As the labiaplasty focuses on removing skin (that have minimal or no nerve endings), the risk of any loss in sensation is minimal.

The recovery period following a labiaplasty varies woman to woman but from the immediate post-operative period to full recovery, it may be several weeks to a few months.

The labiaplasty surgery itself is performed under anesthesia and therefore you will not experience pain. During the post-operative and recovery period however you may feel discomfort due to swelling. However you'll be prescribed appropriate pain management medication and be given a customised recovery protocol to minimise any discomfort.

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