CMC Dubai offers the Best Treatment for Labyrinthectomy

Labyrinthectomy Treatment at CMC Dubai

Labyrinthectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing the labyrinth, which is a complex system of canals and cavities within the inner ear that plays a role in balance and hearing. The procedure is typically performed to treat severe vertigo or balance problems that do not respond to other treatments.

During a labyrinthectomy, the surgeon removes the entire labyrinth or a portion of it, depending on the underlying condition. This may involve making an incision behind the ear and drilling a small hole into the skull to access the inner ear.

procedure : 

After the procedure, patients may experience some dizziness and balance problems, as the body adjusts to the loss of the labyrinth. However, over time, the brain can compensate for the loss, and patients can typically regain their sense of balance.

While a labyrinthectomy can be an effective treatment for severe vertigo or balance problems, it is considered a last resort and is typically only recommended after other treatments have failed. Additionally, as the procedure involves removing the labyrinth, it can result in permanent hearing loss in the affected ear.

Therefore, it is important to discuss the potential risks and benefits of the procedure with a healthcare professional before deciding to undergo a labyrinthectomy.

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