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Laser Hemorrhoids Treatment in Dubai at CMC Hosptial

Laser Hemorrhoids Treatment or Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat hemorrhoids. LHP uses a laser to coagulate the Hemorrhoidal Blood Flow. 

Hemorrhoids are large, protruding veins in and around the lower rectum and anus which keep the anus closed to hold in gas and liquid stool contained within the intestine. When working properly, hemorrhoids act as little cushions or pads to provide a good, tight seal. However, when they deviate from their normal size, they become uncomfortable, itchy, or bleed. 

Types of Hemorrhoids 

  • Internal hemorrhoids: These are hemorrhoids that occur inside the anal canal 
  • External hemorrhoids: These are hemorrhoids that occur at the anal opening 

Depending on the degree of the prolapse, hemorrhoids (internal) can be classified from grade 1 to grade 4, with grade 4 denoting that the prolapses may worsen and require physical reduction.  

Ideal Candidate for LHP 

An individual may be a candidate for LHP if he or she: 

  • Has persistent hemorrhoids for which various treatments have failed 
  • Has hemorrhoids with a blood clot 
  • Has hemorrhoids that are trapped cutting off their blood supply (strangulated) 
  • Has hemorrhoids protruding from the anus (prolapsed) 
  • Are both internally and externally bleeding 

Causes of Hemorrhoids 

  • Hemorrhoids can occur as a result of: 
  • Excessive straining while having bowel movements 
  • Chronic constipation 
  • Sitting in the toilet for a long time 
  • Lack of sufficient fiber 

Procedure for Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty 

During the procedure which is performed under general anesthesia, the coloproctologist or colorectal surgeon will begin by inserting the laser probe into the hemorrhoids. The laser beam’s strong heat causes the blood vessels to be cauterized and seal off, which causes hemorrhoids to simply shrink while lowering the danger of significant bleeding both during and after the surgery. 

Laser hemorrhoidalplasty is a precise operation and thus will leave no effect on the anal sphincter or the surrounding tissues. 

Benefits of Hemorrhoidalplasty 

Benefits of laser hemorrhoidaplasty include: 

  • There’s no tissue removal or cutting from the anus 
  • The hemorrhoids can no longer protrude out of the anus because the laser therapy stops the blood flow to the area 
  • Shorter operative time compared to surgical hemorrhoid treatment 
  • The procedure is strategically placed to prevent sphincter, anoderm, or mucous membrane damage 
  • Shorter recovery time 

How to Prevent the Risk of Hemorrhoids 

The occurrence of hemorrhoids can be prevented through: 

  • Eating high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables. This will help soften the stool and increase its bulk for smooth bowel movement. 
  • Drinking more water every day to soften the stool 
  • Staying active by exercising the body helps prevent constipation 
  • Avoid holding your breath or straining when passing stool as this increases pressure on the veins in the rectum 
  • Long periods of prolonged sitting should be avoided as this can increase veins in the anus 


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