Pacemaker Clinic in Dubai | Pacemaker Interrogation in Dubai

Pacemaker Clinic at Clemenceau Medical Center

Pacemakers or defibrillators and other electronic implantable cardiology devices allow hundreds of thousands of people globally to live largely unrestricted lives each day.

Devices such as pacemakers are implanted under the skin and deliver small electrical pulse to maintain your heart beating in rhythm. These devices also monitor your heart beats and function providing valuable data to your cardiologist to help detect and correct irregularities before they become a bigger issue. At CMC Hospital Dubai Cardiology Department, we have a convenient service for pacemaker patients.

One Stop Pacemaker Interrogation & Optimization Clinic

There are thousands of cardiac devices, however it’s likely your device in the UAE has been provided by either Medtronic, Biotronik, Abbott or Boston Scientific.

Regardless of your provider, our Board-Certified Cardiologist provides a one-stop-service who can interrogate, interpret, and optimize your device treatment in our clinic, giving you peace of mind that any device interrogation or progamming is conducted by a Consultant Cardiologist.

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