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Flat Feet

Отделение подиатрии медицинского центра СМС в Дубае

Отделение подиатрии медицинского центра СМС в Дубае возглавляет сертифицированный подиатр с большим опытом работы в частных и государственных медицинских учреждениях Великобритании и ОАЭ.

Наше отделение подиатрии специализируется на лечении следующих состояний:

  • Каллус
  • Скелетно-мышечная биомеханика
  • Боли в пятках
  • Удаление наростов на коже
  • Болезни стоп у детей
  • Боли в ногах и стопах
  • Скрининг на выявление синдрома диабетической стопы
  • Вросшие ногти
  • Грибок ногтей
  • Бородавки
  • Разработка ортопедических стелек
  • Бурсит

Наш подиатр входит в состав нескольких мультидисциплинарных групп, состоящих из специалистов в области эндокринологии, диабета и ортопедии, что позволяет ему разрабатывать самые эффективные методики лечения и поддержания здоровья стоп.


An Orthopedic surgeon mainly deals with bones, muscles, ligaments and joints in the human body whereas Podiatrists are only dealing with foot and ankle. Podiatrists deal with many foot conditions which are listed down below . Callus · MSK/Biomechanics · Heel Pain · Corn Removals · Children’s feet · Foot and Leg pain · Diabetic foot screening · Ingrowing toenails/Insoles · Fungal nails · Verruca/Warts · Orthotics · Bunions

Pain in the feet is never normal and will often require a Podiatrist’s opinion. If you are concerned as a parent, the way your child walks and is complaining of pain, never leave it without consulting a Podiatrist as this may restrict the child’s walking ability.

It is important that you do see a Podiatrist as foot pain can be caused by wearing the wrong shoe type. A Podiatrist can help a runner by suggesting the type of footwear in order to prevent any foot injury. A dynamic static gait analysis is also carried out as you may require the help of custom-made orthotics that might help you to run better.

Verruca's are viruses (often called a Verruca Infection) caused by HPV. They are highly contagious and will require LIQUID NITROGEN SPRAY to treat. Corns, on the foot, are cone-shaped pieces of hard skin that form on areas of pressure.

Custom orthotics is a 3D impression of your feet to check your pressure points. They're made just for you to help improve, support or correct your foot posture or treat any foot pathology you may be experiencing.

People with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes are at a higher risk of developing foot problems which can include infection, injury, and bone abnormalities. A Podiatrist will also need to examine the patient’s nerve conduction as we are checking for the signs of neuropathy. Neuropathy can make your feet feel numb or tingly. It can also cause a loss of feeling in your feet. Blood circulation in the feet will also need to be examined as poor circulation in the foot can make it harder for you to heal from any foot injuries. If you have diabetes and get a foot ulcer or other injury, your body may not be able to heal it fast enough. This can lead to ulcerations rapidly. If a foot infection is not treated right away, it can become so dangerous that your foot may need to be amputated. Fortunately, regular diabetic foot checks can help prevent serious foot health problems

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