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Normally Delivery Package

This package is available for AED 16,000

From admission to checkout, get ready for a smooth maternity journey at Clemenceau Medical Center hospital in Dubai. Our Normal Delivery Package features premium healthcare services, including:

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Full Check-up Consultations with:

  • Gynecologist Consultation on delivery day
  • Free Pediatrician follow-up
  • Lactation Consultation

Lab Tests

  • Labor Induction
  • Labor Care
  • Delivery

Other Tests & Screenings:

  • Position of Baby
  • Position of Placenta
  • Amniotic Fluid

LAB Tests:

  • Complete Blood Count (twice for mothers)
  • Rh factor antibodies + injection if mother is negative
  • Vitamin K (baby)
  • Blood Type (baby)
  • Jaundice Indicators (baby)

Baby Care

  • Hearing Test
  • Newborn Metabolic Screening
  • Vaccine against Hepatitis B
  • Vaccine against Tuberculosis

  • Vaccine Booklet
  • Baby Home Booklet

Monitoring & Ultrasound

  • Position of Baby
  • Position of Placenta
  • Amniotic Fluid

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