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Dr Ritu Khare

General Surgery



Dr Khare has been a surgeon of eminence working in UAE for the last 18 years. She has been acknowledged for her services as a lady surgeon/female surgeon performing all the advanced surgical work related to breast and laparoscopic abdominal surgeries. She is also vastly skilled in GI tract disorders.

She has a strong body of work related with breast oncology and is a member of The American Association of Breast Surgeons. She attends patients who need evaluation of breast lumps, biopsy of breast lesions, and surgical treatment of breast cancer involving the multidisciplinary team approach. The advanced technique of performing a radioimmune guided sentinel lymph node biopsy with frozen section which is an essential part of breast cancer surgery is present under the same roof at CMCDubai.

Dr Khare is also recognized for her excellent skills in laparoscopic surgeries. She has mastered the benefits for hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction for ladies with a huge and loose abdominal wall. She also provides benefits of laparoscopic procedures for patient of colon, pancreas and biliary disorders in coordination with our gastroenterology services. Bariatric surgery and weight loss procedures, nutritional follow up of patients with post bariatric procedures and non-surgical weight loss solutions with pharmacological intervention are her key interests.

The other specializations include Laser intervention and minimally invasive management of proctology disease, Pilonidal sinus and Endogenous laser treatment of varicose veins.

  • Surgical treatment of breast cancer
  • Laparoscopic colon procedures
  • Laparoscopic biliary disorders
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Laser intervention and minimally invasive management of proctology disease, Pilonidal sinus
  • Endogenous laser treatment of varicose veins
  • The King Edward Memorial Hospital, Surgical Training


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