Dr Michel Baulac - Best Epilepsy Doctor in Dubai

Dr Michel Baulac

Neurology Consultant

Subspecialist in Epilepsy Treatment

CMC Hospital – DHCC 2
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Dr Michel Baulac is a Professor of Neurology and Neuroanatomy at the Sorbonne University (Paris) and Neurology (general) – Epileptic disorders. Dr Michel is currently working as a Consultant Neurologist at clinique Ambroise Paré Hartmann, Paris, France, Consultant Neurologist, Neurology Department at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, Paris Brain Institute, (Genetics of the Epilepsies), Pitié-Salpêtrière

Michel Baulac has developed a comprehensive epilepsy program at la Pitie Salpetriere, including Video-EEG monitoring, Brain Imaging, Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, Genetics, and Neurosurgical programs with Brain Stereotaxy, Epilepsy surgery, Neurostimulation

He and his colleagues from La Pitié-Salpêtrière have extensively published in the field of epilepsy, including papers in the Lancet, Brain, Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine, Science, and recently Nature Neurosciences, Lancet Neurology.

He was elected chair of the European Branch of the International League against Epilepsy- ILAE (2005-2009), international Vice-President (2009-2013), and co-Chair of the ILAE regulatory Task Force (2009 – 2021)

In the domains of healthcare organization and innovation, Professor Michel Baulac is particularly committed to:

– The transition from pediatric units to adult hospital departments for young adults suffering from chronic diseases

– Rare (Orphan) diseases programs and development of Orphan drugs

– Clinical development of new drugs, clinical trials, optimization of the approval procedures for the International League against Epilepsy


You can book an appointment with Dr Michel Baulac Neurology Consultant at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital - Call 800-262-392

Dr Michel Baulac is a Neurology Consultant in Dubai, UAE who is French Native.

Dr Michel Baulac practices his Neurology clinic at Clemenceau Medical Center Hosptial Dubai located conveniently in Al Jaddaf, only 10 minutes from Downtown, Jumeirah, Mirdiff and only 15 minutes from Dubai South areas such as Dubai Hills.

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