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Dr Dina Ibrahim

Hematology Specialist

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CMC Hospital – DHCC 2
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Dr Dina Ibrahim is a Syrian Board Certified with a Master Degree in Clinical Hematology

Dr. Dina has a vast experience in the following:

  • Clinical approach of Hematological diseases – Hematological Investigations (Bone marrow aspiration and Biopsy)
  • Treatment of Malignant and Benign Hematological Disorders
  • Red cell disorders: Anemia (Deficiency, Hemolytic, Sickling disorders, Thalassemia’s and G6pd deficiency)
  • White blood cell abnormalities: Neutropenia, Neutrophilia, Lymphocytosis, and lymphopenia
  • Lymphoma, Leukemia, Myeloproliferative disorders, Myelodysplasia and Multiple Myeloma
  • Bleeding, Hemostasis and Thrombosis disorders
  • Von Willebrand’s disease, Hemophilia A and B, Hereditary and acquired platelet disorders (Numerical and Functional), Inherited, and Acquired thrombophilia.
  •  Chemotherapy protocols and side effects
  •  Hematological Emergencies
  • Pediatrics Hematology
  • Supportive Care
  • Blood Transfusion

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