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Consultant Pathologist

CMC Hospital – DHCC 2
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Carole Dagher MD, MSC, is a consultant pathologist at CMC Dubai.

She is graduate of Saint Joseph University, School of Medicine, Beirut, Lebanon. She completed her pathology residency training at Hotel-Dieu de France hospital in Beirut, Lebanon, then moved to France to obtain a specialized degree in surgical pathology (AFS) from René Descartes University Paris V, School of Medicine, with a training at Kremlin-Bicetre hospital in Paris. In addition, she earned a University Diploma in Renal Pathology from Pierre et Marie Curie University Paris VI, Paris, France. She then completed a Master’s degree in Molecular biology from Staffordshire University, UK.

Dr Dagher is a founding faculty and Assistant Professor of Pathology at the Lebanese American University School of Medicine, Lebanon. She was the director of the pathology clerkship and coordinator of the Histology and Medical ethics disciplines, and Problem based learning. She is the author of several papers in her field.

  • Saint-Joseph University, School of Medicine, Beirut, Lebanon, Medical Doctor
  • René Descartes University Paris V, School of Medicine, Paris, France, Diploma in Specialized Surgical Pathology
  • Pierre et Marie Curie University Paris VI, Paris, France, University Diploma in Renal Pathology
  • Saint-Joseph University, School of Medicine, Beirut, Lebanon, Specialized degree in Surgical Pathology
  • Staffordshire University, United Kingdom, Master of Science (Msc) in Molecular Biology
  • Saint-Joseph University, School of Medicine, Beirut, Lebanon, Master 1 Health (Control of Biological and Medical Sciences)
  • Lebanese University, School of Medicine, Beirut, Lebanon and Nantes University, School of Medicine, France, University Diploma in Medical Ethics
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