Dr Bhuvan Machani Best Hand & Wrist, Shoulder Surgeon Dubai

Dr Bhuvan Machani

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Upper Limb (Shoulder, Elbow, Hand & Wrist Surgeon)




Dr Bhuvan Machani is a British Board-Certified Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon with over 25 years of combined UK (NHS) and Dubai experience in treating patients with a range of shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist Injuries.  He was awarded FRCS by Royal College of Surgeons in 2006 and Masters from the University of Liverpool where he studied and trained extensively in orthopaedics. Dr Bhuvan has Fellowships in Sports and upper extremity from London (UK), Liverpool (UK), Wrightington (UK) and Manitoba (Canada).

His expertise in upper limb orthopedic surgery has quickly led to Dr Bhuvan being the choice for international patients and professional athletes, he is considered among the best shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand surgeons in Dubai.



  • Arthroscopic shoulder surgery
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Shoulder stabilisation / Bankart repair
  • AC Joint Injury treatment
  • Clavicle fractures
  • Shoulder replacement surgery
  • Bicep & triceps tendon injuries
  • Elbow fractures
  • Total elbow replacement
  • Carpal & Cubital tunnel nerve compression
  • Wrist arthroscopy
  • Dupuytren’s contracture
  • Trigger finger
  • Arthritis of the hand
  • Hand & wrist fractures




  • MCh and FRCS in Trauma & Ortho 2006
  • MRCS (UK) 1999
  • CCT (UK)


  • Sports and upper extremity London (UK)
  • Sports and upper extremity Liverpool (UK)
  • Sports and upper extremity Wrightington (UK)
  • Sports and upper extremity Manitoba (Canada)

Membership Bodies

  • BOA (British orthopaedic Association)
  • BESS (British Elbow & Shoulder Society)
  • BSSH(British Society for Surgery of Hand)
  • AAOS (American Academy of orthopaedic surgeons)
  • EOA (Emirates Orthopaedic Association)



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  2. Inter-observer reliability and Intra-observer reproducibility of the Weber Classification system of Ankle Fracture: Malek IA, Machani B, Mevcha AM, Hyder NH.  J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2006 Sep; 88(9):1204-6
  3. Arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder: a prospective randomized study of absorbable versus non absorbable suture anchors: Tan CK, Guisasola I, Machani B, Kemp G, Sinopidis C, Brownson P, Frostick S. Arthroscopy. 2006 Jul; 22(7): 716-20.
  4. Mid term results of PlantTan plate: proximal humerus fracture fixator plate: Machani B, Sinopidis C, Brownson P, Papadopoulos P, Frostick SP. Injury. 2006 Mar; 37(3): 269-76
  5. Clavicular hook plate for lateral end fractures: Meda PV, Machani B, Sinopidis C, Braithwaite I, Brownson P, Frostick SP. Injury. 2006 Mar; 37: 277-83.
  6. A case report of spinal epidural haematoma associated with warfarin therapy: Prasad SS, O’Malley M, Machani B, Shackleford IM. Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2003 Jul; 85(4): 277-8
  7. Closed avulsion of tibialis anterior causing compartment syndrome: Machani B, Narayan B, Casserly HB. Injury. 2000 Nov; 31(9): 738-9
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  9. Acromial reconstruction following failed anterior acromionectomy: B Narayan, B Machani, P Brownson; J Bone Joint Surg. 2001; 83-B: 175
  10. Gelatinase MMPS in palmar fibromatosis: immunohistochemistry & zymography: MM Roebuck, B Machani, S Bradburn, TR Heliwell, SP Frostick: JBJS. 2001; 83-B: 182

Published Abstracts

  1. Clavicular hook plate for lateral end fractures: P Meda, B Machani, IJ Braithwaite, SP Frostick. J Bone Joint Surg (Br) 2003; 83-B: 225
  2. Titanium arthroplasty for hallux metatarso-phalangeal joint: P Meda, B Machani, Pydishetty, JM Auchincloss; J Bone Joint Surg (Br) 2003; 83-B: 226
  3. Early experience of PlantTan – proximal humerus fracture fixator plate: Machani B, Yin Qi, Papadopoulos P, Brownson P, Frostick SP; J Bone Joint Surg  2001; 82-B : 174


Dr Bhuvan Machani's clinic is located at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai

Dr Machani is an consultant orthopedic surgeon upper limb specialists. He treats all injuries regarding the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Yes, however you should check with your network provider that you are covered at CMC Hospital Dubai.

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