Dr. Abdul Razzak Juratli | UK Board Certified ENT Surgeon in Dubai

Dr Abdul Razzak Juratli (FRCS (ORL-HNS) ENGLAND)

Consultant Otolaryngologist

CMC Hospital – DHCC 2
English Arabic



Advanced knowledge and experience at Functional and Aesthetic Reduction and Augmented Rhinoplasty using Autologous Septal, Conchal , and Rib cartilage or Tutoplast Allogeneic Rib and fascial grafts.

Advanced major and minor ear surgery. Mastoidectomy, Stapedotomy, and reconstructive ossiculoplasty. Systematic vertigo management. I do All major and minor head and neck surgery other than cancer.

Broad experience at managing chronic headache and using Botox for medical and cosmetic purposes. He is currently a regular speaker at the local, national and international level about many subjects mainly, Rhinology, Rhinoplasty, Chronic Headache, Microbiology in ENT and Monoclonal antibodies in ENT.

During his work in Leicester Royal Infirmary in the UK, he was the ENT Department lead clinician for Infection Prevention IP and the lead clinician for department Coding.



  • RCS, London, England FRCS— (ORL-HNS) Eng – November 2013
  • RCS, London, England— DLO- ORL-HNS (RCS-Eng) – October 1994
  • Damascus University Hospitals, Al Moasat, Damascus, Syria — MSc (ORL-HNS) – January 1991
  • Damascus University, Medical School, Damascus, Syria — MD – September 1987



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